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ТОР - первый класс 2006

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Автобусные билеты
Водный транспорт
Ж/д билеты
ТОР - первый класс 2006



Проекты многоэтажных паркингов

Полный комплекс услуг по проектированию и строительству многоэтажных паркингов и перехватывающих парковок, проекты ТПУ.


Разработка сайтов по оказанию элитных услуг. Поддержка сайтов по оказанию элитных услуг. Редизайн сайтов по оказанию элитных услуг. Раскрутка сайтов по оказанию элитных услуг.


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Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год

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Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год
© Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific

This September, Cathay Pacific turned 60, and the airline is rolling out a slew of cabin improvements to commemorate the birthday. In first class, private relaxation suites--complete with massage capability--are being introduced; the seat can convert from armchair to chaise lounge to bed. In-seat power and spacious workstations are available, as well as a nifty personal closet where you can store clothes and shoes during flight. A 17-inch personal TV screen, adjustable to any angle, provides for very luxurious viewing.



Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год
© Emirates

The service on Dubai-based Emirates, an 18-year-old airline, has taken first-class pampering to new heights. Emirates recently spent $1.8 billion installing upgraded amenities across the fleet, including "first-class suites" on its A340-500 planes. The suites consist of leather convertible flat-bed seats with massage functionality, down pillows and cotton-lined blankets. Seven-course meals are served on Royal Doulton bone china with linen napkins.


Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год
© Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines announced $360 million worth of changes across all cabins of service this fall; in first class, that translates to an eight-seat cabin, where each seat is 35 inches wide, upholstered in leather, and convertible to a full-size flat bed. In-seat power supply, a 23-inch LCD TV screen, USB port and noise reduction headsets all come standard, as do Givenchy amenities and on-demand catering and entertainment.


Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год
© All Nippon Airways
All Nippon Airways

ANA's first-class cabins feature wide, 33-inch seats that convert to beds--silk sheets, down duvets and sleep suits all provided. Each seat has its own 15-inch monitor with on-demand audio and video entertainment, and ANA's EUPHONY sound system filters out background noise like engine hum or passenger chatter. Krug Grand Cuvée is served onboard with Iranian caviar as a welcome treat, and hot, freshly cooked rice is served with every meal.


Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год
© Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways

Passengers flying first class on Qatar Airways are delivered to the airport in a BMW 7 Series vehicle and can unwind in a first class lounge on the A340-600 planes. Lie-flat beds come with feather duvets, slippers and pajamas, and the gourmet ten-course meal service includes caviar, lobster, prawns, Arabian mezzas, chocolate, cheese platters, fresh cappuccino and a fine selection of global wines.

Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год
© Thai Airways
Thai Airways

On Thai Airways Royal First Class Service, the champagne--Cuvée Dom Perignon 1996, La Grande Dam 1995, Veuve Clicquot--flows freely, as does a selection of premium wines and soft drinks. Classic Thai food is served on china dishes with silverware and restaurant-style place settings, and passengers receive a personal video player on which they watch selections from the onboard library.



Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год

© South African Airways
South African Airways

South African Airways' first class Millennium Product is available on its Boeing planes and features a 180-degree lie-flat bed and a large table for dining or working. Seats also come with adjustable reading lights, video on demand and complimentary sleeper suits for a snug nap. Passengers are given the choice between a single or double suite.


Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год
© Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

In the U.K. and France, the Malaysia Airlines first class experience begins with a helicopter pickup. The 12-seat cabin features sleeper seats with dining tables that accommodate two. Food is served with silver forks and knives, Italian glassware and china. Champagne, liquor and vintage wine accompany each meal. Satay--chicken, beef or lamb skewers--is the airline's most famous dish, and onboard faxing is available for business people.


Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год

© British Airways
British Airways

One of the perks of flying BA first class is the custom-made amenity bag created by designer Anya Hindmarch. Each bag contains basics and gender-specific add-ons like Amanda Lacey cleanser for women and a Wilkinson Sword Xtra2 razor for men. The cabin resembles a Rolls Royce, with Connolly leather and cashmere-style and velvet fabrics. Lie-flat beds, on-demand dining--including spa cuisine from Chiva-Som--and 18 channels of entertainment round out the experience.

Самый лучший первый класс авиакомпаний за 2006 год
© Gulf Air
Gulf Air

Gulf Air boasts a team of specialized service people, including chauffeurs, flight attendants, cabin service managers, chefs and nannies. Passengers are picked up in a BMW 7 Series vehicle, and onboard seats are crafted from New Zealand wool with leather, silk cushions and beech paneling. There are only eight passengers per first class cabin, and each seat has a personal 15-inch screen. European and Middle Eastern dishes are on offer, and the adjacent seats can be combined into a table for four.




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