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Самые дорогие книги

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Создание Интернет-телевидения и видеороликов (Видеосъемка. Интернет-видеореклама. Видеоуслуги)

Интернет-телевидение - самый эффективный способ раскрутки сайта, продвижения товаров и услуг


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Проекты многоэтажных паркингов

Полный комплекс услуг по проектированию и строительству многоэтажных паркингов и перехватывающих парковок, проекты ТПУ.


Разработка сайтов по продаже эксклюзивных книг. Редизайн сайта по продаже эксклюзивных книг. Раскрутка сайта по продаже эксклюзивных книг.


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Самые дорогие книги в мире за 2006 год

по данным и ведущих аукционов книг



Самое важное:

  • Среди самых дорогих книг присутствую географические атласы и карты, на которых изображена Антарктида задолго до ее официального открытия и каких-либо ее исследований.

  • Вопросы:

    1. На основе каких данных были разработаны карты мира с очертанием Антарктиды?

    2. Когда и кем были подготовлены топографические и геодезические данные, позволившие на их основе разработать географические карты с очертанием берегов Антарктиды?


Самые дорогие книги в мире
© Sotheby's
Comedies, Histories & Tragedies (aka First Folio)
By William Shakespeare, printed in London in 1623.
The First Folio may be the most important book in English literature. This first collected edition of Shakespeare's plays includes more than a dozen plays that survived nowhere else.


Самые дорогие книги в мире
© Sotheby's
Cosmography (Cosmographia)
By Ptolemy, printed in Bologna in 1477.
$4, 000,000
The first printed atlas, based on the work of the second-century mathematician and geographer. Only two copies are in private hands.



Самые дорогие книги в мире

© Sotheby's
By Gerard Mercator, printed in Duisburg in 1595.
The great cartographer gave us the Mercator projection, the technique still used today to convert the curved surface of the earth into a flat map.



Самые дорогие книги в мире
© Sotheby's
Antiquities of the Russian State (Drevnosti Rossiskago Gosudarstva)
By Feodor Grigoriev Solntsev and F. Dreger, published in Moscow in 1849.
Russia's billionaire oligarchs are starting to buy books, and auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's both held Russian book auctions in 2006. This rare seven-volume set, printed in color, documents Russian life in the mid-19th century.



Самые дорогие книги в мире
© Pierre Bergé
Institutes of the Christian Religion (Christianae religionis institutio)
By John Calvin, published in Bale in 1536.
A rare first edition of the most important book in Protestant theology.



Самые дорогие книги в мире
© Australian Book Auctions
Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip, New South Wales
Edited by William Bland, published in Sydney between 1825 and 1831.
A work of Australian exploration comparable to Lewis and Clark's History of the Expedition. This copy is the only one of this edition in private hands.


Самые дорогие книги в мире

© Pierre Bergé
A Season in Hell (Une saison en enfer)
By Arthur Rimbaud, published in Brussels in 1873.
A landmark of French poetry inscribed by Rimbaud to his lover and literary mentor Paul Verlaine. One of only three known signed copies.


Самые дорогие книги в мире

© Sotheby's
Geographical Works of Ptolemy (In hoc opera haec continentur geographiae cl. Ptolemaei…)
By Ptolemy, published in Rome in 1507.
Though most of the maps in this book are based on the work of second-century geographer Ptolemy, it is the first atlas to also include discoveries in the New World.



Самые дорогие книги в мире
© Sotheby's
Cosmography (Cosmographia)
By Ptolemy, published in Ulm in 1486.

The second 15th-century edition of Ptolemy's Cosmography to appear on this list, this substantially different version was printed using hand-colored woodcut maps.


Самые дорогие книги в мире

© Sotheby's
Geography (Geographia)
By Strabo, published in Rome in 1469.

This book is the first printed edition of the only surviving work of the Greek historian and geographer Strabo (c. 63 B.C. - c. 24 A.D.). A compendium of ancient geography, it incorporates the work of earlier and otherwise lost writers. No copy had come to auction in the previous 40 years.




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